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Here you will find some helpful information regarding our association. Since 2010 we veterans have gathered from both near and far tribal communities to also include surrounding communities. Unity, Support, & Commitment to our ongoing service has been our continued mission and we fully support these objectives . As veterans we understand we hold an unwritten obligation to help and assist our fellow men and women veterans and service members, our way we give back is by organizing amongst ourselves and collectively offering support through our association. We kindly and warmheartedly welcome all those who are interested in supporting our cause by joining our association, if this is something you are interested in than we welcome you to our ranks!

Mission statement:

The American Indian Veterans Association has recognized a time for the American Indian Veterans to step forward and be proud of their heritage,sacrifice,and commitment given to the United States of America by the American Indian Veterans: 1) Heritage by collecting and preserving the past through photograph,stories, and ceremonies. 2) Sacrifice by recognizing and providing full military honors to any veteran who request our services at the time of their burial. 3) Commitment to the American Indian Veteran by providing support at the level through mentorship,education, and advocacy.


Ways to Donate/Sponsor:

Fill out contact form with all needed information.

Golf Tournament: Stay Tuned

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Saturday September 21st                10a.m.-3p.m.

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